Day 137

Teddy meets the artist...

I was surprised she responded to me in the way that she did when I asked her to paint me. She was excited to meet me and happy to do it. My owner was shocked, nervous and started to slightly panic. It meant that she would have to meet her and she never thought she would. I told her I'd handle conversations and she wouldn't need to worry and that I'm usually great at breaking the ice.

She rang the bell, and Ghadah buzzed us in. All of a sudden we were on her couch, eating cookies and chatting. Well.. they chatted, I just looked at my cookie. It wasn't that bad now was it, my dear owner? She believes she's accomplished something today and I applaud her (just go with me on this one she lacks confidence sometimes). 

Ghadah will be painting me. Ghadah will be painting a portrait of me on one of her infamous ladies laps. I really can't wait as I love her work and I think I'm starting to love her as a person. She has a cat and so do we, and we share more things in common. She'll be updating her work in progress on one of her blogs for those of you who would like to see the development of her art. 

The painting will be sold for charity at the end of my 365 days. I don't think my owner is going to let anyone buy it. She seems very possessive over the idea of it. For God's sake it's not even tangible yet and she's already saving up. Silly girl. 

Thank you Ghadah for welcoming us into your home and doing this. It really means a lot to us. Say hi to Duncan for me.

Check out Ghadah Alkandiri's work at the following links:

Her Official Website
Her Blog (which she wrote about me in)
Pretty Green Bullet (work in progress)


BruTus | January 13, 2010 at 1:38 AM

Ya Khayen el3eshra ya Teddy ..
Don't ever say bad thinks about your owner again, Shame on you !!
You are a Teddy C not B as for Cookie, the easy corrupted guy by food ever :P
Good work Ghadah, Keep it up ..

Dod | January 13, 2010 at 6:10 PM

such a cool studio, I love the little paint mark high up on the wall!

A. Benghaith | January 14, 2010 at 1:06 AM

How sweet of Ghadah to have you TB. I really admire you TB of having our talented artist who should be recognized her and you did. Wishing her all the good luck with her painting.

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